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SEO for Your Vape Business?

 SEO Specificly For Your Vape Business!


In today’s business world it can be very difficult to prosper without having a strong online presence. Just having a well-designed website was enough in 2000, but doesn’t get it done today. In today’s online business world, search engine optimization of your website needs to be almost perfect. While the Vaping industry is comparatively a newer concept, the competition is growing almost faster than the demand for new locations. In the business world the first to gain the upper hand often times becomes the victor.

Why industry specific SEO is so important?

After being in the SEO world for going on 14 years, we have found that an SEO really has to be specialized. This is important when assisting the business with the content that is generated for the niche. If one knows nothing about the industry it is near impossible to generate content that would be appealing to the customer. That could end up being the beginning of the end for that business. Let’s look at why SEO holds so much value for the Vape business.

  • SEO plays key role in generating traffic for your vape website. The more visitors you get to your website then there are greater chances of sales and conversions. This is viewed as one of the best ways of attracting potential e-cig users to your website.
  • As the Vape Industry continues to grow, businesses will have to fight to continue to grow the correct customer base. Dominating the internet for your location will position you ahead of similar business in your area, and allow you to have the first look at potential new clients. An industry specific SEO website can relate to the needs of that specific user.

No Huge Budget Is Needed For SEO of Vape Business Website

I have spoken to many Vape businesses over the last two years, and the most common misconceptions surrounding SEO is the that it needs to be expensive for your Vape website to really thrive. The truth is that SEO of Vape websites can be done quite cost effectively. The most expensive part of any business is customer acquisition. We have to ask ourselves, “What is a customer worth?” For many of our clients within the first 90 days they would see the results with new customers and the phone starting to ring more often. More than 90% of our clients say that SEO is the most effective marketing dollars that they have ever spent.

Getting your website the visibility that it deserves to have can be quite complex. When facing some of the most common website tasks such as finding the most suitable keywords, even this can become complicated very quickly. There are many tools that can be purchased to do this task, but even these tools can be very complicated to learn and honestly quite expensive. Ranking websites can be very complicated even for the most seasoned SEO.

Of the best articles I have read for SEO in this particular niche is: http://vapenewsmagazine.com/uncategorized/seo-for-your-vape-business-and-why-you-need-it

The article points out that an average of 93% of all online experiences start with a quick search in a search engine. It then goes on to explain why a strong online presence is so important today and only becomes more important as each day passes. It is also quick to point out that how cost effective it is to use SEO for finding new clients.

Backlinks are still the way to gain Organic Traffic

Getting genuine traffic does take a lot of skill. If you are a gifted writer then maybe you can try writing about the Vape business or related products for your blog and other blogs as well. If you are not a gifted writer it may be a better idea to higher an SEO who has the skills to get the best links for your website. So why are certain types of links so important? Basically to establish enough authority from the major search engines so your website shows up in the top positions

 What is the Perception of a Perfect Vape Business Website?

Any Vape business might have one clear question and that is how they should design their website. We understand that this is the normal question, however this is like putting the carriage in front of the horse. Why? The website is designed for the end user to enjoy, but in order to get it show up so the user can find it, we have to do a certain amount of research so we know how to write the content that you place on the website. Imagine making a beautiful website, placing amazing content on the site, then nobody can find your website. You wrote about things that people are not searching for. All of your hard work, and no return. We work in a very particular order so in a short time we are able to show results of our work.

Most people think that the best way to promote your brand is through social media. Social media is a buzz word, we know how to make social media work for you, but most SEO’s really don’t understand it. We see all of these articles talking about huge results, it is important for the end user to know that it takes time to get these huge results.

Today if you want your Vape business to be a success then you can’t just open the doors and think that people are going to flood in. Just like every type of business there is a right way and a wrong way to do things. One of the best thing about working with this company is we can show you how to get your clients or customer base to keep coming back for more and more. We have years in the business world, and have owned more than one business. We are here to assist you in creating systems that make your life easier.

One of the best things that I have learned working in the business world is that you can’t do everything yourself. If you hire the best people to do work for you, you will have the best work done. If you try and do everything yourself to save a few dollars, you let go of hundreds to thousands of dollars. In the world we live in today people look online before they come in and see you. They want to know why you are the best in the market place. With our company you can show them why you are the best, because you are the first thing they see when they do a local search.