Get Involved

"Become An Igniter"

It’s not for select people, it’s for every Christian.

Catch A Fire. Cause A Fire.

Your involvement matters. You have more influence and impact than you think. Through your social media platforms, the people you hang around with, and the gatherings you are a part of, you can change a person, a family or even a city. Through you God can set an entire generation on fire for Him. So catch a fire and cause a fire with us.

Get Involved With Us.

How To Be Involved.

To get involved, simply review the commitments below.  If you are ready to commit to becoming an Igniter, fill out the form and we will be in contact with you.


Pray for and with us? Even if it’s just for one minute every day it would make a huge difference.


Help promote Ignite Generation and invite your friends and family through Social Media.


Unity around a common vision breeds incredible things. Let’s unite & impact lives together!


Partner with us financially. Your investment will go directly to helping people find life in Jesus.

Igniter Form

Fill out this simple form and our team will contact you to give you more information and explain how we can work together.

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